Thursday, April 20, 2006

What would you send into space? what this post would be about if I had any readers yet. However, this blog is still in its solipsistic phase, where I can safely assume that nobody's watching (or anyway can't safely assume that they are). Therefore, this post will be about what I would send into space. If you want to send something, that's fine, but get your own can.

See, a California company is apparently gearing up to send things into space for $99. The catch? Well, you have to have $99, so you probably can't be a graduate student. Also, it has to fit in a container about the size of a soda can. So you can't send a hideous melange of pieced-together cadaver bits in the hopes of catching some life-giving solar rays (not that I would). Anything smaller than a can and non-explosive, though, and you're good to go.

Of course my first thought is a toy rocket. Recursion is always funny. But it's only going up and then coming back down, so for maximum effect you probably want something that will react well (or badly) to a short trip into the vacuum. I think Marshmallow Peeps would be ideal. I have a vivid memory of what happened to a marshmallow when my high school physics teacher put it in a vacuum jar, and it would be awesome to see that fate befall a Peep. Circus peanuts would also be satisfying, though not so blandly anthropomorphic.

I suppose anything develops a bit of a frisson once it's been in space, so if I had unlimited money I would probably just turn random items into space items. Space goggles. Space earrings. Space dentures. Space orthopedic socks. It's going to be a long time before I have unlimited money.


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