Saturday, June 03, 2006

Move over, Butter

Despite technically living half a mile from the Zoo, I never did make it down to see Butterstick, and now he's been supplanted in cuteness. The Sumatran tigers have had three cubs, as yet unnamed, and of unknown sex since they haven't yet had their first medical exam. These, to the left, are not they; these are just some cute-ass baby tigers I found on the internet. Want to see the real thing? Well, like Butterstick, the tigers have a webcam. Pretty soon the National Zoo is going to have all their newborn animals blogging, too.

Of course, Butterstick was an achievement for science because it's so damn difficult to get pandas to have sex correctly, and even then, you can't tell they're pregnant and they're unlikely to bring the fetus to term. And even then, panda infants are so fragile that they often die. So Butterstick is not just a mind-alteringly adorable little fuzzball -- he's also a scientific triumph. The baby tigers? Well, they're just darned cute.


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