Sunday, June 11, 2006

New on the blogroll

I'm very grateful to ScienceBlogs for bringing in a huge new crop of bloggers, including many people I read previously. Now, when I want to check up on Neurotopia or Science and Politics or Framing Science or The Loom, I can just stop in at ScienceBlogs. Plus, they've reorganized the front page, so that you can navigate the new denizens (and the old favorites) in different ways. It's true that I've had... opinions about SEED in the past, but they are doing a gorgeous job with their little blogoverse.

But not everybody worth reading can ScienceBlog, and while I've whittled down my sidebar due to SB's move towards one-stop shopping, I've also added a new link. Sex Drugs and DNA follows science policy, with a concentration rarely seen. Usually you have political blogs that also cover some science, or science blogs that also cover some politics. Here we have a blog entirely devoted to science-related bills, ethics, activist groups, and the uneasy bedfellowship between a public that sometimes believes in science and an administration that almost never does. You can watch Bill Frist equivocate about stem cells, or track the progress of the proposed science integrity amendment. Highly recommended reading.


coturnix said...

Ha - link to my old blog takes people to Neurotopia! That may be good for the readers!

I am still working on a fancy new Blogroll on which you will appear prominently.

6/12/2006 2:21 AM  
jess said...

Whoops! It was meant to be a link to your new blog, but I guess copy-paste technology is too advanced for me. Consider it fixed.

6/12/2006 1:29 PM  

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