Friday, July 28, 2006

Free books for bloggers?

I am temporarily doing some publicity work for my old press, which means I have the capacity to send people review copies if they really are going to review them. One of the nice things about working for the National Academies Press, especially in publicity, is that Academies reports really are definitive -- I don't have to make anything up about how important they are, because we really are pretty much the preëminent organization for objectively evaluating a situation and generating nonpartisan science policy advice. It's no hardship to hawk books that are genuinely important. (The trade books all seem really good this season, too, though we've had one or two missteps in the past.)

Anyway, I may be a bad blogger and a worse blog-reader right now -- first I was too bummed about unemployment, then as soon as I got a job I started getting up so early and working so hard that I sleep in all my free time! -- but I still think science blogging is Where It's At. I can't think of a better place to promote useful books (especially ones that are actually readable for free online) than in a community of scientists who read and respect one another. So if you spot something you'd like to review, let me know, and I can send it along. I already wrote to Dr. Free-Ride about some books I thought she'd like, and I bet Bora would be interested in the new trade book about sleep. All it requires from you is that you read it, and if you like it, link it and let me know that you linked it. (If you don't like it, I'm still interested.)

I don't want to directly approach too many bloggers, because I don't want to be perceived as some kind of hard-seller. The appeal of this job for me is that I get to believe in the books I'm promoting, and beyond that, that it doesn't even matter if I believe in them -- they're kinda definitive either way. So my goal is not to go all PR on your collective buttocks, but just to make this stuff available. It's a temporary job so this isn't particularly advancing me in any way, but basically I'd just love to see NAP books getting exposure on the blogosphere. Shoot me a note at firstname dot lastname at gmail if you see a report you'd like to review.


Ronin Geographer said...

Your e-mail doesn't work but there are two NAS books that I would be delighted to review for The Post-Normal Times. If your offer is still good, you can e-mail me for the particulars at sst at


7/31/2006 8:12 PM  
jess said...

Your e-mail doesn't workYour e-mail doesn't work

Oh I'm an idiot. I didn't realize that I'd put my full first name in the sidebar and not just "Jess."

I'll email you tomorrow.

7/31/2006 10:09 PM  
jess said...

(I'm also an idiot for pasting "Your email doesn't work" twice.)

8/01/2006 12:03 AM  
coturnix said...

Yup, I want the sleep one. I'll browse the others as well and will let you know if anything interests me.

8/02/2006 3:38 AM  
coturnix said...

Got my copy - thank you!

8/07/2006 5:47 PM  
jess said...

Awesome, hope you enjoy it. Don't read the author bio, if it's on there; the author thinks it makes her sound like "a PR slut." She's actually a highly qualified doctor! (And a very nice woman.)

8/08/2006 9:44 AM  

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