Tuesday, January 16, 2007

If I'm not posting, whatever will you read?

God, I know, right? Been a while. I remember there being a poll on ScienceBlogs about how people managed to do their high-level scientific or academic work and still blog all the time, and I wish I could remember what anyone said, because it appears that I can't do it. Not that I'm doing high-level scientific or academic work, but I am employed, unlike in the early and prolific days of this blog.

I actually do have a few posts in the mental pipeline -- we'll see if they ever get out! -- but for now I wanted to unquiesce to point everyone towards a resource that is still current: Bora at A Blog Around the Clock has put out an anthology of the best science blogging so far. Knowing the sources he had to draw on, it is almost undoubtedly excellent, and it's not too expensive either.

We'll see if I can convert my "sitting around on the computer doing nothing and trying to recover from a full work day" time into "sitting around on the computer BLOGGING and trying to recover from a full work day" time, but meanwhile, check out Bora's anthology, the contents of which are almost certainly more enlightening than anything I could produce.


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